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At the beginning of 2023 starting with Heavy Is The Head, Sovereign Pro Wrestling launched our revolutionary Talent Affiliate Scheme with the simple goal of providing our performers with greater opportunities to control and increase how much they can earn when working with SOVPRO.

Every performer in the SOVPRO family is issued with an Affiliate Code which can be used to purchase General Admission tickets through our website. When used, this code gives the buyer a discount of £3.00 per ticket with the performer also receiving an additional £3.00 per ticket purchased using their personal code. Payment is made once the show has taken place whether the performer appeared on the show the tickets were for or not!

With no limit on uses or cap on payment this can allow performers to potentially more than double their salary for the show, with talent not working for us that day still able to earn income simply for continuing to help promote a product which we all love!

The hope is that other companies in the UK and across the world will adopt this method as a way to give more back to the incredible athletes and performers who risk their lives and wellbeing for our entertainment every time they step foot through that black curtain.

To find the code for your performer of choice, you can simply select their name from the dropdown list above then head right to our ticket site. See you at the show!


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