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The countdown to False Idols is on, one week today we all head out to Trinity Sports Hall in Manchester city centre, for what is looking to be one hell of a show!

It’s Dark And Hell Is Hot gave us some defining moments, we had a CPF heel turn. Skinner drew a line in the sand. Les made his in ring debut with the LBWO and blew the roof off.

Harley Hudson came to say goodbye, but not before issuing an open challenge for what will be her goodbye match before she jets off to be a big star in the states!

But what does that all mean for False Idols?

Over the weeks since IDAHIH we have been treated to announcement after announcement, with some potential bangers lined up. I don’t know about you, but May can’t come soon enough!

We are being thoroughly spoiled by SOVPRO with this card, we have a corrie street fight, a TLC match, Title matches and some new faces, and if I know SOVPRO like I do, I guarantee there will be some juicy surprises too. They like to keep us well fed. 

Matches I personally am looking forward to heading into False Idols are:

LA Taylor V Emersyn Jayne, this is a match I had in my head after seeing Emersyn in the TNT DOA tournament, two badass women are to stand toe to toe and slug it out in the ring for that beautiful title that LA Taylor has proudly carried for 450 days on writing. This has the potential to be a brutal exchange.

Leon Slater v Ian Skinner, you all know me, I am team Skinner all the way! But I am also team Leon! 

At FIRSTREIGN these two quickly became favourites of mine, they both stood out to me as incredible talents and so to see them standing face to face at the end of IDAHIH got a big pop from me. 

What I didn’t expect was the way things played out, and now here we are, headed into False Idols with the Commonwealth title on the line! 

Ian seems deadly serious on showing not just the Sovereign Nation but the SOV locker room, that he isn’t one to overlook. 

There is plenty at stake here for both Leon and Skinner. 

And obviously that beautiful looking TLC match with Man like Dereiss, Sam Gradwell, Bullit, Joey Hayes and SOVPRO World Heavyweight Champion Joseph Conners battling it out for the title. It’s no secret that it was a TLC match that sparked my love of Wrestling, the chaos gives me life. 

SOVPRO knows how to put on a multi person match ( that fatal 4 way for the commonwealth was chef's kiss!) and each of these guys has the potential to take it! This one has the potential to be a barn burner. Just hook me up, I'm ready! 

Sending well wishes to El Capitan Leyton Buzzard, who due to injury is unable to compete in this match as planned, but when he’s back, whoever wins better keep their wits about them.

As always the card has something for everyone, and if you’re new to SOVPRO and have no idea what I am talking about, it’s ok, I got you, head to the SOVPRO Youtube and check out It’s Dark And Hell Is Hot if you have the time, and everything will make more sense I promise!

Alternatively you can check out the Ghast Forward videos which have been popping up on X in the lead up to False Idols and our beloved Ghast Buff will give you more glorious details. 

And so the stage is set, the matches are booked, the tickets are purchased and the clock is ticking down to what could be, one of the best SOV shows to date.

I will see you all there!




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