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I have found myself being asked this very question quite a lot lately...

Of all the promotions in Brit Wres, in and around Manchester, why have I chosen to strap the yellow and blue Sov flag to my back?

So in the wise words of the most positive man on Youtube, Simon Miller: “ Why? Heres why”!

To make any sense of any of it I have to nip back to March 2022, I had just had major surgery (Hysterectomy) prior to which I had spent an unmentionable amount of time rather poorly, I was hoping for a fast recovery and quickly would find that wasn't the case and that I would require more treatment down the line.

My confidence had been knocked, I didn’t know where I fit in anywhere anymore, I hid away and I lost myself.

Cut to September 2022 Mike spotted a poster in Manchester city centre, on it he spotted a guy whos content had kept us entertained during the pandemic, Simon Miller!

The show was FIRSTREIGN, the location Trinity Sports Hall, Sovereign Pro Wrestling, I hadn’t heard the name but it was close by, reasonably priced, looked like a fun card.

We decided to go along and check it out. “Why not?”.

October rolls around, I haven’t been out of the house much if at all in the whole of the year, haven’t been in any crowds or around many people, and I feel sick to my stomach at the idea of being around myself in public let alone other humans, but here I was getting ready to go to my first independent wrestling show.

We got there pretty early (I am literally early for everything) and went in to wait, there was a small group of people in the line inside already, and as we got into the queue every single one of them gave us a big welcoming smile. I felt my body relax a little. I was ready to enjoy myself.

What proceeded in that Sports Hall in Manchester city centre was nothing short of impressive, I walked into that building a person I didn’t recognise and I left feeling like me. I had been laughing, shouting, singing, we were in the moment with all of these other people, it felt special.

Since then we have been to as many shows as I physically can make it to, I have had the pleasure to meet a whole host of talented people from wrestlers to fans with insane talents. I’ve had the honour of watching talent grow and develop, as well as the promotion.

The SOVPRO team are a hideously talented group of people with a clear love and passion for this business, a desire to learn and form relationships, they talk to and listen to the fans, and even bring cake for special events!

The SOVPRO locker room is stacked with some of the brightest stars in Brit Wres today, many of which I will not be surprised to see get some big moments this year, that locker room is a treasure trove, we are pretty spoilt. You can come to a show and see Leon Slater hit his INSANE swanton 450 splash, see giants like Iestyn Rees, Sam Gradwell and Simon Miller, chant f**k the Tories with The Banter Bus, eat popcorn while watching Rory Coyle and his cast make the next installation in the sick boys cinematic universe. Anything can and will happen at a Sov show.

And then theres the fans themselves.

The Sovereign Nation we are so affectionately known as.

What a bunch of wonderful people! Everyone is so welcoming and passionate, you will feel safe in their company. There are a bunch of familiar faces who make it to as many shows as they can, they support the promotion, the wrestlers and each other. We have so many hidden talents in that crowd from podcasters to battle rappers to wrestlers in training, we celebrate not only the promotions successes but each others.

The Bloodline has nothing on this little family, but there is room in this lovely quirky group for more. All we ask is you don’t act like a dick (leave that for The Wright Way) respect the people in the room, have fun and stay hydrated!

This promotion helped me go from feeling left behind to feeling like a part of society again, it’s the place that helped me get over my nerves around using my wheelchair in public and I cannot thank them all enough.

Thank you SOVPRO

Thank you Sovereign Nation

Thank you Mike for getting tickets and encouraging me to go along.

See you all on the 18th Feb for what is set to be the most unhinged Sov show yet!

Come say hi, if you need a mum hug, you know i’ve got one for you <3

Nikki Rostron (Pencilled In)



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